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Trogir - Trogir Caicco Itinerario

7 Notti / 8 Giorni
Inizio / Fine:: Split / Split
La Durata: 7 Notti / 8 Giorni
Navigazione: Croatia
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Giorno 1

Trogir is now part of the Split Metropolitan Area. It is 25 kilometres distant from the City itself, to the north, and has rightly gained UNESCO World Heritage status because of the history associated with the place.  It is among the best preserved medieval towns in the whole of Europe with its medieval walls and buildings.

Giorno 2

Makarska is a port town on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, known for its Makarska Riviera beaches, seafront promenade and nightlife. On a small bay between wooded headlands, the old town centers on Kačić Square. Makarska has always been the center of the surrounding region known as Makarska Riviera, one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast.Croatian coast, attractive for its nature and good climate, rich in tourist attractions and full of hospitable hosts.

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Giorno 3
Korčula Island

Korčula gets a place in history as the birthplace of the legendary explorer, Marco Polo. It is known for its architecture and the layout of streets in the shape of fishbones. The style is a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic with arguably the most impressive landmark the Cathedral of St. Mark whose interior is home to the work of several famous Italian artists. In the modern day, Korčula is famous for its cuisine which uses the best of local fresh produce and seafood to produce some lovely dishes. The local wine such as Rukatac or Plavac compliments these dishes perfectly. Just a short distance away, visitors are certain to enjoy the small islet of Badija with Its stony shoreline and Franciscan Abbey. Similarly, there are other small islets, most covered in dense greenery. 

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Giorno 4
Dubrovnik City

Dubrovnik’s history and culture made it an obvious inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List and its recognition came in 1979. Often referred to as the ‘’Pearl of the Adriatic’’, the Old Town is completely surrounded by walls, almost 2 kilometres in length. It is not just the Old Town itself that appeals to visitors; there are beautiful beaches, a clear blue sea and water sports where tourists can spend time before heading for their quality accommodation and top quality restaurants.

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Giorno 5

Pomena is a small village and harbour 2 kilometres distant from the village of Govedari. Pomena is at the west end of Mljet and has a permanent population of just around 50. It is just a 15-minute walk to Malo Jezero (Small Lake) in the Mljet National Park.  Nowadays, it has a hotel, a couple of restaurants, coffee bars and shops.

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Giorno 6
Hvar Island

Croatia has a large number of offshore islands, the largest of which in the Central Dalmatian Archipelago is Hvar. It totals almost 300 square kilometres and as a place that receives many hours of sunshine during the year, it is extremely popular with the well-heeled. Its main town is also Hvar, known as a lively place with great nightlife, attracting youngsters from all over the world. With attractive beaches, lovely bays and a nearby chain of small islands, Hvar has great appeal. 

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Giorno 7

Trogir is a picturesque historic town and harbor on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Today, being situated 25 kilometers north of Split, it is part of the greater Split metropolitan area. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as it is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Trogir is surrounded by medieval walls, and has many beautiful buildings that testify to its rich history.

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Giorno 8

If you sailed out of Trogir without getting a chance to explore it, you must surely make time to do so after the end of your yacht charter. 

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