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Zara a Nord Dalmazia Caicco Itinerario

7 Notti / 8 Giorni
Inizio / Fine:: Zadar / Zadar
La Durata: 7 Notti / 8 Giorni
Navigazione: Croatia
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Giorno 1
The City of Zadar

Zadar is a beautiful Dalmatian City which is famous for its historical and cultural content. Tourists visit in numbers and they enjoy the ramparts that leave them imagining the place in ancient times. The architecture is a mix of cultures, some Renaissance and others more modern. The famous Sea Organ was the first of its kind in the world.

Giorno 2
Dugi Island

Heading north from Ravni Zakan, towards the Kornati Islands National Park, there is the island of Katina where there are berths and yachting facilities. The local restaurant, Mare, is among the oldest in the whole archipelago. Telascica Park has buoys for which you need to buy a ticket. Further along you will reach the Island of Dugi Otok with its well-equipped marina at Sali where you can restock on provisions. 


Sali, the largest town on Dugi Otok, has a population of 1000.  It is the nearest town to the National Park of Kornati. Houses surround the small harbour which has been operational since the 17th Century. A fish processing factory in the South is evidence of the importance of fishing to the local economy. Don’t leave without sampling the day’s catch. 

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Giorno 3
The Kornati Archipelago

The archipelago that has become the Kornati Islands National Park is made up of nearly 100 islands. It is difficult to imagine a better place for sailing. Located just a short distance north west of Kaprije, yachts need to buy a ticket in order to sail in these waters. They can be bought in advance or from rangers in locations within the Park. There are few better places for simply relaxing and cruising amongst the islands, exploring the many coves and bays. Ravni Zakan is a good island for mooring overnight if you wish to enjoy lovely local cuisine. 

Zlarin Island

The view of the 16th Century fortress of St. Nicholas and the Šibenik Archipelago as you sail through St. Anthony’s Canal is truly memorable. There is a marina on Zlarin, a small island with a sheltered bay, and no cars.  It is worth exploring but as an alternative go to Tijat, an uninhabited island north west of Zlarin where you will find real tranquility.

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Giorno 4

Primosten is a lovely town at the extreme south of the Kornati Islands. This small town is built on reclaimed land. It’s famous for its indigenous stone houses, churches, narrow streets as well as the production of olive oil and wine.

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Giorno 5

Skradin is on the doorstep of the Krka National Park. It’s just a small town but its importance as grown because of nautical tourism. Šibenik and the Krka River are both nearby. The Park is known for its waterfalls, Slapovi Krke. The largest is Skradinski Buk which takes its name from the town of Skradin.

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Giorno 6

Sibenik itself is famous for the St. James Cathedral which has UNESCO World Heritage status. It was begun in 1431 but took just over a century before it was finally completed. Its first mention in history was in the 11th Century when it was the seat of the King. It is the oldest town on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The Venetians spent three centuries here and they have left their mark in churches and palaces. In addition, it was situated at the boundary between Christianity and Islam with the Ottomans seeking a move further north.  As a direct result there are four impressive fortresses to see St. Michael, St. John, Šubićaevac and St. Nicholas which were built as a defence.


Vodice, famous for its diversity and vibrancy, has become a popular tourist resort on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.  The town is situated along the coast within a wide bay area. Vodice can rightly be proud of its historical and cultural heritage.

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Giorno 7

Zadar is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Dalmatian cities. It is a city of tourism, and it is famous for its extraordinary history and rich cultural heritage. Zadar is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts. These ramparts are a real treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the famous Sea Organ, the first of its kind in the world.

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Giorno 8

If you sailed out of Zadar without getting a chance to explore it, you must surely make time to do so after the end of your yacht charter.

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