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Testimonianze e Recensioni dei clienti sul noleggio dei caicchi

Susan and Henrik Ariva 1
Hi Erkan
Well arrived in Denmark after a lovely week's vacation, we would like to inform you about how we liked our holiday at Ariva 1.
First of all, we think you have handled our cruise holiday extremely professionally and everything has worked on time and as agreed ... Thank you for the service and the trust you have shown us !!
The meeting with Ariva 1 and its crew increased our expectations of how a lovely holiday can be held. The boat was perfect to sail on. The crew was extremely professional and super servicing ... Great.
We have told our circle of friends about this wonderful experience and provided contact information about your company and Ariva 1.
We have talked about the next summer vacation with our friends and will contact you when we have become more concrete about this holiday.
Until then, thank you for a great experience, and have a good time!!
Kind regards
Susan and Henrik
Fabrizio Perilli Hayal 62
Hayal 62 a stunning boat
The crew really professional and friendly
I hope to see you again on my way
Hugh Kirby Adriatic Holiday
Hi Erkan
Thanks for following up on the trip. I have included my partners in the reply should they want to add to my comments.
We absolutely loved it!!!!!!
We go away annually as group and have done a variety of holiday types e.g. island, game safaris, Alpine Skiing, etc and we have rated this holiday as our best thus far.
We found the service from the Captain and his crew to be perfect and we appreciated the personal touch i.e. he is the owner of the boat and his wife was helping him. To some people this may not be what they want, but for us it made the trip just that much more enjoyable getting to the know them as people and not just service providers. Ante planned each trip carefully so that we may arrive and depart at the right time to ensure that we either get the best docking/mooring spot or get to experience an amazing sunrise/sunset. Small details like this made a big difference and we noticed it. Ante was also very accommodating to our requests and offered valuable insight to help us choose where we would like to go and what we would like to do.
The boat is well maintained and has plenty of space. There were 11 people on board (incl. crew) and we never felt crowded, The rooms and amenities e.g. aircon, were great and we were all very comfortable for the duration of the trip.
We only had one issue to sort out and that was due to the captain not being aware that we had opted for the all inclusive domestic drinks package for some of the guests. We realised this on the 2nd day and sorted this out quickly. Our challenge however, was having to settle the associated payment in cash whereas paying upfront via EFT would have been better as it was a large sum of money that we needed to draw from the ATM.
I completely agree with what Hugh has already stated below, the holiday was incredible.
The crew on the boat made it extra special, and they are to be looked after indeed. The food, places we stopped, interaction with us was very professional, natural and one of the highlights of the trip for me.
Ante’s attention to detail and calm approach really made us all feel very comfortable and at ease. The food was superb and all in all something I would definitely do again.
The holiday gets 12 out of 10 for me!
If you have any queries, please pop me a note.
Best regards, David
Konstanze Siegel Caner 4
Lieber Herr Ari,
so schnell hat der Alltag einen wieder im Griff, so präsent sind aber zum Glück die Erinnerungen an unseren herrlichen Urlaub auf der Gulet.
Wir wollten Ihnen noch einmal besonders danken, dass Sie uns dieses wunderschöne Schiff vermittelt haben.
Die Woche war einzigartig schön, die Crew hat uns nicht nur jeden Wunsch von den Lippen abgelesen, uns kulinarisch Aud höchstem Niveau beköstigt, sie waren zudem extrem fröhlich, höflich, offen, ohne aufdringlich zu sein-ein perfektes Team.
Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie das an die Crew noch einmal weitergeben könnten.
Ein herzliches Dankeschön bitte auch noch einmal an Ihre Frau, der Kurzaufenthalt in Ihrem Hotel war perfekt, es war sehr entspannt, wunderhübsch und sehr köstlich.
Lieber Herr Ari, könnten sie Ihre Frau fragen, woher die hübschen großen Handtücher sind, die im Hotel am Pool ausgegeben werden ?Frau Grützediek haben sie besonders gefallen und sie hat bald Geburtstag..
Sehr liebe Grüße von uns allen, bitte auch an Ihre Frau,
bleiben Sie gesund
Konstanze Siegel und Familie
Sue Dods Perrinita
The communal space round the dining table and the relaxing area at the back of the boat really worked well for us.
The chef and the food he prepared every day was outstanding.
We had some difficulty communicating with the captain as he couldn’t speak much English. He was also reluctant to take us to any Greek islands which was disappointing as it is what we had originally requested. He eventually agreed to dock on 2 Greek islands. His reluctance may have been because the 3rd crew member did not have a passport so he was unable to conform to the legal port requirements.
Some comments for improvements would be to upgrade the rubber duck (it was taking on water and the motor was not functioning well) and the canoe (it was also taking on water so we could not use it), and we would have preferred to have extra flippers and goggles.
Overall it was a fabulous holiday and we would consider doing it again!
Paola Negro Dilara
Hi Erkan,
it's nice to hear from you!
I only have good comments to give, everything was wonderful!
We spent a very good too short cruise with Esser, his wife and son.
We had a wonderful time. They always made us feel very comfortable. Esser always explain the plan of the day showing me on the map what we were going to visit. He chose the best spots according to the strong wind during part of the trip.
His wife is very nice as well and an excellent cook. She always made fresh food in abundant quantity. We really enjoyed the food and they made us discover that in Turkey you have tea time so around 5pm we had tea with cake and cookies.
I have to say that we saw beautiful places and bays. The gullet was really pretty and well kept. Each of us had his own room with bathroom and we absolutely loved the front area with the relaxing area with comfortable cushions.
The transportation was very well organized, I didn't have to think about anything.
I hope we'll be able in the future to arrange an other cruise may be for a week this time.
We absolutely loved it.
I want to thank you Erkan to put all this together for us and for always be available and very quick in your response.
Talk to you soon.

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